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Native Programmatic Explained


Programmatic automates the digital buying process. Exponentially faster and more targeted, it can reduce costs, improve performance and allow for a more reactive approach to creative.

In Stream

All native ads are directly inserted into the content stream making the advertising experience seamless and not intrusive to users

Mobile Scaling

Tired of working with ads that just don't work with mobile? Native scales to the specific device it's being viewed on.

Highly Performing

Experience click-through rates up to 10 times that of traditional banners delivering the greatest return on your media spend

Introducing geode.

The Geode platform is straightforward to use and provides clients and agencies with a simple, on-demand service that supercharges any marketing campaign. ROI is not just an expectation it's a promise. Furthermore new and cutting edge techniques such as native, cinemagraphs and mobile ensure that no-one can get close to the targeting possible via our proprietary tool.

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What do Native Ads look like?

Client Testimonials

"We massively appreciate working with an agency that thinks alongside us and uses their knowledge to boost our own work"

Dries De Kimpe

Social Media Manager,
Hi Ibiza

"Native has played a part in 90% of the conversions, the support we receive from Geonative is fantastic... we are so pleased."


Commercial Manager,

"Geonative's fantastic work now accounts for 60% of our revenue"


WAX London


Native is a new and constantly evolving marketing platform. If you want to make it work for you but you're feeling lost in a new landscape, this White Paper is your map to understanding and success.

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