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Native Marketing Delivers Results

Programmatic automates the digital buying process. It is much faster, more targeted, can reduce costs and improve performance all of which allow for a more reactive approach to creative. The difference between traditional banner ads and native advertising is that native ads are inserted directly into the content stream making the advertising experience all the more seamless. With the recent trend in ad blocking consumers are finally showing that they are not happy with the current intrusive state of advertising. Our super lightweight ad server combined with the native ad format means that we are welcoming of the ad blocking revolution.

Unfortunately, the display industry has become a very complex environment for one to navigate. Agencies are charging too much commission, there is a lack of transparency and unnecessary jargon is commonplace.

This is why we created Geode - designed from the ground up with your audience in mind, we've taken the traditional and broken method of executing display campaigns and flipped it on its head.

Our market leading and disruptive new Ad Tech platform allows you to give your brand the exposure it deserves at a fraction of the cost, with four unique advantages over platforms like AdWords:

  • Viewability - 40% of display ads aren't seen by anyone, whereas our unique metrics allow us to choose specific advertising placement locations as well as to monitor and report on what specific ads are actually being viewed. GEODE also offer Google Analytics integration and auto-tagging which lets us see what exact URLs lead to conversions.
  • Direct Targeting - We offer unparalleled depth of targeting, allowing our users to specify folders on websites and even target by keywords.
  • Innovation - Digital platforms are constantly evolving and using the latest formats are hugely important to us here at GEODE. Just one example is our integration with technology to allow customers, when on a mobile device, the ability to call clients directly when clicking of a display banner, something only available with expensive Google listings.

Find Out How Native Can Change Your Marketing

3 Reasons To Switch From Display To Native

Weak performance

Mobile doesn't work

Hidden margins